Documents Produced Through This Planning Process:

Final Biological Report, December 2017

There are many California resources to draw on in this process. We are perusing the following, and welcome you to join us:

Oak Conservation Working Group, formed in response to the California Oak Woodland Conservation Act, passed by the California State Legislature in 2001, offers information and is connected to the University of California (UC) Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The Oak Woodland Management information hub at  shares an Oak Woodland Impact Decision Matrix, A Planner’s Guide for Oak Woodlands presentation (prepared by the UC Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program in 2009), an Management Guide for Landowners, an article published in 2004 entitled “Oak Woodland Conservation in California’s Changing Landscape” by Gregory A. Giusti et. al, and Ecology/Biology FAQs and Articles.

Monterey County Voluntary Oak Woodland Stewardship Guidelines is also of interest.

Any other suggestions? Send us your ideas.