Public participation is an important part of this process.  There are public workshops, open houses and presentations to the City Council and County Board of Supervisors at which you can learn, share your knowledge, and broaden the perspective of the policy makers. This website is updated in the Latest News and Events sections, so you can stay up to date and know where to go and when we most need your feedback.

Scheduled Meetings & Key MilestonesAnticipated TimelineCompleted
Kick-off Meetings among Jurisdictions, CDVA and FORA Planning TeamJune 29, 2016 – July 15, 2016
3-Party Meeting (Monterey County, City of Seaside, CDVA)October 19, 2016Yes
Community Meeting – City of SeasideNovember 15, 2016Yes
Community Meeting – Monterey CountyNovember 19, 2016Yes
Presentation of Mitigation Options to CDVADecember, 2016Yes
Presentation to County Board of Supervisors’ Fort Ord CommitteeOctober 26, 2017
Presentation to a City of Seaside Advisory Committee/City CouncilNovember 16, 2017Yes
Public Workshop – City of Seaside & County of MontereyTBD, early 2018
Tribal ConsultationTBD
Open-House Presentation – Monterey County/City of SeasideTBD
Presentation to a City of Marina Advisory Committeeas needed
Presentation to the Fort Ord Coordinated Resource Management Planning Team TBD, early 2018
Public Review Draft Management and Monitoring Plans Available/Notice of City and County MeetingsTBD
Presentation to the City of Marina City CouncilTBD
Presentation to the City of Seaside City Council TBD
Presentation to the County of Monterey Board of SupervisorsTBD
Release of Final Draft Management and Monitoring PlansTBD