seaside_community_mtg_oaks4At Seaside Community Center, Soper Field and Trackview Pavilion, Laguna Seca, Community Meetings were held to discuss Oak Woodland Policy and Programs in areas slated for development in City of Seaside and Monterey County’s former Fort Ord lands.  Attendees learned what City of Seaside and Monterey County are envisioning for Coast Live Oak Woodland management. Participants joined together to discuss the issue and help focus the next steps in planning for this important resource. Materials gathered at these meetings are shared below.

Presentations by Staff and DD&A:

Public Participation:

Group breakout sessions by topic of interest produced the labelled figures below. Each individual added a dot to indicate favored oaks or issue areas with corresponding notes. For example, in the first figure, produced by the Naturalists table, red dots indicates favorite oaks and yellow indicates preferred access areas. The breakout sessions also produced Values Table results. Each individual was given six dots to indicate values of highest concern on a values table for Biological Values and Other Interest Values.  The complete sets of Values tables for each meeting are available here:

DD&A produced a graph to summarize the results, shown here.

Comment cards collected at each meeting are collated and presented here: