Biological Report on Oak Woodlands Released

Denise Duffy & Associates (DD&A) released the Final Baseline Biological Report on the Oak Woodland Conservation Area Project. The seventy-three page document includes a project description, methods and results of study, and the conservation area recommendations. It also includes a Forest Resource Evaluation, prepared for DD&A by Frank Ono, presented in the appendix.

DD&A considered information from several sources in evaluating conservation area priority. Initially, a broad range of biological and other important values (i.e., potential evaluation criteria) were identified and presented to the public for input during the November 2016 community meetings. The public ranked the values and added independent comments which were also considered for potential inclusion. In order to obtain a statewide perspective on the conservation of oak woodlands, DD&A reviewed numerous Oak Woodland Management Plans. They incorporated criteria from the Monterey County Voluntary Stewardship Guidelines Draft (September 2009). DD&A included input from staff-level landholder discussions, the previously mentioned public input, and literature reviewed in formulating a project-specific set of criteria.

The full report:

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