Welcome to the Oak Woodlands Conservation Planning Website

This website serves as the home for the public and stakeholder collaboration to plan for Oak Woodland Conservation in the City of Seaside and Monterey County on former Fort Ord within specific parcels. The main purpose is to designate conservation areas of oak woodlands within the development parcels of former Fort Ord that would help to link the National Monument, the landfill, and the open space near East Garrison, as well as to set aside oak woodlands in a regionally mindful way that benefits the species while laying the groundwork for mitigation to allow for increased economic vitality.

Former Fort Ord was the largest base closure in the U.S. in 1994 with approximately 28,000 acres. While the City of Seaside has approximately 4,000 acres of former Fort Ord property within its jurisdictional boundary, of those only about 1,658 acres are available for development purposes to plan for much-needed housing, industrial and commercial uses.

Monterey County has committed to oak tree preservation by adopting a tree ordinance, Chapter 16.60 of the Monterey County code, which restricts the removal of oak trees. The County has already set aside approximately 1,572 acres as Habitat for ecosystem-level preservation and restoration of the approximately 3,709 acres of former Fort Ord that come under its land use authority.